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This module can be used to synchronize Group-Office files to Dropbox.




You'll need a Dropbox account to sync to.

If you don't have one, then you can create it on the Dropbox website.


The installation of the dropbox module can be done through the normal module installer of Group-Office.

When the module is installed correctly then you'll need to set up the dropbox account in Group-Office.

How this can be done is described in the user manual.


Uninstalling this module can be done by the default Group-Office module manager.

User Manual

Dropbox user manual

Additional Notes


Not syncing files

When Dropbox is not syncing anymore then you can check a couple of things:

  • Check the cronjob to sync Group-Office with Dropbox. You can check this in the Cron module. Check if the "Dropbox sync" cronjob is running.